"In the month I worked with Wendy, I had  the best results ever in my four years of  business. Our sessions helped me slow  down and home in on what I needed to do  next.

This clarity enabled me to move into actions necessary to create relationships  that helped foster success."   —Erika Gimbel, MFT, Berkeley

"I  highly recommend Wendy if you are thinking about starting a new hobby or activity, but can feel something is blocking you from starting and following through on it.  Wendy will help see you through, and it can be life-changing!"Wendy is personable, professional, honest and extremely insightful. That's what you need in a coach. She sees things about myself that I either don't see or don't want to see! And she gives me clear steps to get to where I want to be. I highly recommend working with Wendy. She's an amazing coach!"   —Stefan C., Berkeley

​​"I started working with Wendy when I was going through a tough time of transition, and I wanted to figure out a positive path forward. I had three major goals, and I achieved them in short order. The main thing Wendy helped me with was getting in  touch with my strength and capability, and this helped greatly in helping to make my dreams a reality. I started to get nervous when one dream in particular came true, and Wendy was wonderful at helping me see that I did indeed deserve this in my life.  Wendy won't give you all the answers but she will guide you in uncovering the answers for yourself."     —Teri C., San Francisco

​"Wendy has made such a positive impact on my life!  She has helped me find fun again, something I somehow I had let slip away over these years.  It is almost like she has given me permission to go out and enjoy life, and do activities that bring me joy--in my case, playing tennis after 20 years.  She  helps uncover what mental obstacles and trepidations exist as barriers, and then helped me figure out how to just get past them. "                                                                                                 -Kelly N., Oakland

“Wendy has helped raise my awareness about where my life is going and what path to take for my personal growth. She gave me an opportunity to pause and change patterns that weren’t working for me.”   — Keri, Berkeley

Time management is a big issue for me. Wendy has helped me figure out my priorities, ranging from work-related tasks that have to be done at a certain time all the way to pleasure activities that keep me sane when I make time for them. Wendy's style of working is non-intrusive...she doesn't crack the whip, but helps ME make my own decisions and commitments while keeping me accountable to my agreement.

I no longer feel anxious and rushed to get everything done.  I can go through my days knowing what my plan of action is.  Things get done and I am no longer wasting time, yet I still have chill and relax time. Whether you need help with time management, figuring out what path to take, or clarity on any other life issue, I highly recommend Wendy.      —June C., El Cerrito, CA

​​​"Wendy is a gifted, creative coach. I had an amazing first session with her. In the course of an hour, she helped me shift my perspective on some core beliefs and see where I limit myself, and that so much more is possible. Together we developed some tools tailored for me that I will continue to use for a long time to come. It was very motivational and energizing. Wendy is positive, funny and empathetic all at once. "    —Julia B., San Francisco


"January 2016 rolled around and I had my list of New Year's  resolutions written out. The problem was I wanted the results but wasn't looking forward to the process.
I would usually approach this dilemma by telling myself to 'toughen up, cupcake' and just grit my teeth and do it. In reality, that would only work for a short period of time.  Wendy helped me look at what I was dreading about the process and then refocus it. The shift allowed me to open it up to adventure, joy, and fun. So, all my short-term goals are done. And my long-term goals are well on their way. If you're facing what seems to be a mountain, I highly recommend you see Wendy.  —Brenda G., Richmond, CA

"I have just completed 3 months of coaching with Wendy and am extremely happy with the results. Wendy helped me to set goals and break down the steps necessary to achieve them as I look to transition from full-time work to retirement. Her insight and thoughtful questions provided me with the tools necessary to embark on my next life adventure."        —Claire L.,  Alameda

"I attended a talk that Wendy  gave on understanding your internal saboteurs, and signed up for a followup analysis and strategy session. The talk was interesting, and the follow-up session personalized the information to my particular situation. The strategies we explored have really helped me look objectively at situations, rather than just listening to the voices of my saboteurs and reacting with worst-case-scenario panic. Thank you!"   —Celena P., Oakland