Wendy Edelstein

Here's what top professional women do to wring the most from their days

 Do you lose pockets of time during the day? Are your most important priorities last on your list? Do you routinely get to the end of the day and wonder why you accomplished so little?

 Imagine how you would feel if you were in charge of your day. What would it be like if you not only addressed your most important things but did so from a place of calm, focus, and purpose?

I know what it's like to search for balance and calm amidst the daily noise and distractions.  As an entrepreneur with a side consulting job and a role on an active executive board, I have had too many days when I didn’t make progress on my mail goals.

How we use our time is how we show up in our lives.

That frustration led me to learn how to manage my time in a way that honors my soul and my work. My solution began with the introduction of new habits, setting boundaries, and making resonant choices relating to time. I am excited to share those practices with you. 

Productivity from the Inside Out: Master your minutes, get more done, sleep better is a group course for women in which you will learn how to take charge of your valuable minutes so that you end each day with a sense of completion, knowing that you brought your best to bear to the work at hand. Although the focus is on productivity, the byproduct of doing this work is that you will be become aligned with yourself as a leader. 

​Yes, give me access. 

Productivity from the Inside Out is for you if you are yearning to find calm, feel motivated, and generative. You’re a manager, a busy professional, or an entrepreneur who is ready to increase your self-awareness to feel more alive, engaged, and all in. You've tried the "tricks" and bought the latest time-management date book but you're still not getting the traction you desire. That's because those solutions address external reality and give scant attention to the experience of procrastination. For me, that's where the conversation begins.

Group Gains
 As part of a group of professional women committed to upping their inner game, you’ll develop and expand your network, forge new connections and community, find courage through others’ bravery, and benefit from collective wisdom and shared accountability.

During Productivity from the Inside Out, you will learn how to work with—rather than against—time, which will enable you to feel 
calm, clear, and purposeful.During the course, you will inventory your time (identify where you commonly lose time), assess your ongoing commitments, adopt new productivity habits, and learn to embrace the value of downtime. You'll also feel more connected and aligned with yourself. 


  •  Twice monthly, hour-long Zoom meetings (on the second and fourth Wednesdays)
  • 30-minute monthly individual laser coaching sessions
  • Accountability partner
  • Monthly assignments and inspiration to keep you motivated and on track
  • Assessments to uncover your productivity blindspots
  • A private Facebook group

When I work privately with clients, my minimum four-month engagement costs $2,000. But you’re not going to pay anything close to that. Instead, your investment for the complete program and the bonuses is only $797 (there’s even an installment option if that’s easier for you).

I'm ready to step into a new level of productivity!