​The Get S**t Done Program  is a kickass way to get into action. We’ll start by looking—really looking—at what it is that you want and define possible roadblocks before creating an action plan. This program is designed to move you out of the land of good intentions and into meaningful, purposeful action.

 Completing important tasks not only gets you closer to your goals but it also can contribute to your wellbeing, sense of accomplishment, and self-confidence. Those benefits serve as fuel to keep you motivated and moving forward.

 During our work together, we will look at what motivates you (because we are not all wired the same) and what holds you back. We’ll build on that knowledge, allowing you to deepen your understanding of yourself so that you can be more aligned in your work and your life.

 This four-month package includes a 90-minute assessment and seven 50-minute sessions.

Making It Work at Work Program  is for you if you feel fed up, frustrated, or uninspired at work. During this four-month program, we’ll take a deep dive to explore what’s really underlying your “complaint(s).” Once we pinpoint what you wish to change, we will create an action plan comprised of next steps and weekly strategies (this doesn’t necessarily include leaving your current job).

 It can be soul sucking to work at a job in which you are not at your best.  It takes a toll on the rest of your life. The benefits of clearing out the stuck/frustrated/unhappy energy of a bad work situation will spill over into your relationships, your health, and recreation. Let's work together to change that.

 This four-month package includes a 90-minute assessment and seven 50-minute sessions.

Mid-Career Logjam Breakthrough Program
: I know what it’s like to feel like you haven’t discovered what you’re meant to do. This program will help you focus your energies in a new direction—or find what excited you in the first place about what you’re doing now—so that you can break through that frustrating, stuck feeling to become engaged and energized by your work. Initially, we will clarify your strengths and interests. Then we will look at the steps you can take to move into an inspired work life.

I believe we each have unique gifts and contributions to make in this world. When you find your “sweet spot,” you’ll be able to approach your work with a different level of engagement and energy. Working at what you have chosen to do and what you do best will result in a better, more aligned relationship between you and your work.

This four-month package includes a 90-minute assessment and seven 50-minute sessions.

Envisioning Your Next Chapter Program is for you if you’re exploring the idea of retirement or have retired from your career. Retirement affords the opportunity to revisit long-ago interests, invest time in what matters most, and live life with a new freedom. Perhaps you have a legacy to consider before moving on. Maybe you’re considering relocating or downsizing your home. Or you’re concerned that you’ll be at loose ends without a 9-5 structure.
Life is precious. Defining what you want and making clear, conscious choices will help you wring the most joy and pleasure from your life. Who can argue with that?
This four-month package that includes two 75-minute assessment sessions and six 50-minute sessions.


Coaching Programs

“Wendy has helped me get in touch with my strength and capability.”

                                            -Teri C., Brooklyn, NY

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