“Wendy helps me make my own decisions and commitments and keeps me accountable to my agreements.” 

                                            -June C., El Cerrito, CA

I believe in getting down to business. Getting focused. Figuring out what matters most and go for it. Saying yes to what matters and discarding those things that distract or hold you back from who you really want to be and what you truly want to do. That’s where the magic lives. Let’s have fun along the way!

My story

I love empowering others and helping them connect with their gifts, values, and purpose. Each of us has our own special blend of gifts. As a coach, I’m able to use my intuition, insight, experience, and wisdom to enable clients to make healthier choices—which delights the hell out of me.

I’m an athlete (a recreational tennis player), a lifelong learner, and a native Midwesterner. I’m down to earth and practice transparency and vulnerability. As your coach, I won’t pretend to hold the answers to your situation but I will ask you questions to facilitate your learning and inner discovery.

  What's in my toolbox?

  • Certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the most widely respected organizations of its kind and the first to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Organization and Relationship System Coaching Fundamentals
  • Group Facilitation Skills: Putting Participatory Values Into Practice 
  •  My intuition and improvisational skills, which I delight in using in service of my clients
  •  My dry sense of humor, which I wield lightly and playfully
  •  I dedicate much time to my ongoing professional and personal development, regularly attending seminars, workshops, and events.
  •  Master’s in Instructional Technologies (an education degree) and a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature. Words are my tools, my playthings