“I really feel that I now inhabit my role as CEO more fully. I wasn't stepping into those shoes and now I am. " 

    "I'm more solidly me. That's transformational."

                                  –Raleigh D., Berkeley, CA

eWendy Edelstein, CPCC, ACC, MA

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Do you regularly struggle to make progress in your life?

Is  procrastination your default mode?

Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels and are depleted by distractions and lack of focus?
Maybe you get the little things done but make little headway with big projects?
You know there's a better way.

It will take some work to get there (but that's okay, since those of us who always strive to improve don't mind the hard yards). 

I'm Wendy Edelstein.

​I'm a certified coach who helps procrastinators get out of their own way, relinquish the thoughts and behaviors that hold them back to get into action, and step into sustainable, fulfilling productivity.

​​​​Are you frustrated because you seldom perform to
the best of your abilities? You've got the skills, but when you compete you fall short of your potential.

Want to learn the tools to be at your best?